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Crop Ecophysiology Lab (CELab)

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Kansas State University
Department of Agronomy
2014 Throckmorton PSC
1712 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66506

Ph: +1-785-532-6914
Ph: +1-785-706-3263
Fx: +1-785-532-6094


In-House Projects

2017 to 2021Funded by National Science Foundation
Comparative genomics and phenomics approach to discover genes underlying heat stress resilience in cereals (RII Track-2 FEC).
2015 to 2020Funded by USDA
Impact of heat and drought stress on sorghum and wheat grain composition and chemistry.
2016 to 2020Funded by USDA
Tolerance to environmental stress in wheat.
2016 to 2020Funded by Kansas Soybean Commission
High throughput platform to enhance quality of beans and add value to Kansas Soybean Breeding Program.
2015 to 2018Funded by Kansas Wheat Commission
Strategies to develop wheat genotypes to beat post-flowering heat and drought stress
2015 to 2018Funded byKansas Grain Sorghum Commission
Physiological and Genetic Characterization of Grain Sorghum for Enhancing Terminal Heat and Drought Stress Resilience.
2016 to 2017Funded by TeachAccel
Validating promising rice transgenic events identified with potential superior salt stress resilience.
2016 to 2017Funded by CGIAR [IRRI]-US [Kansas State University] Universities Linkage Program
Rice pollen lipidomic and metabolite re-programming under heat stress.

International Projects

2016 to 2019Funded by USAID Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Sustainable Intensification
Unlocking the production potential of “polder communities” in coastal Bangladesh through improved resource use efficiency and diversified cropping systems.
2015 to 2017Funded by USDA Through US CGIAR Linkage Program
Improving pearl millet productivity for smallholder resilience to climate change in Niger.

Recent Publications

  • Shi W, Scmidt RC, Struik PC, Yin X, Jagadish SVK*. 2018. Pollen germination and in vivo fertilization in response to high temperature during flowering in hybrid and inbred rice. Plant Cell and Environment, doi10.1111/pce.13146
  • Tack J*, Lingenfelser J, Jagadish SVK*. 2017. Disaggregating sorghum yield reductions under warming scenarios exposes narrow genetic diversity in US breeding programs. PNAS, doi:10.1073/pnas.1706383114
  • Sun A, Impa SM, Sunoj VSJ, Singh K, Gill KS, Prasad PVV, Jagadish SVK*. 2017. Heat stress during flowering affects time of day of flowering, seed-set and grain quality in spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Crop Science, doi:10.2135/cropsci2017.04.0221
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