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Department of Agronomy

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Crop Ecophysiology Lab (CELab)

Email the Lab

Kansas State University
Department of Agronomy
2014 Throckmorton PSC
1712 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66506

Ph: +1-785-532-6914
Ph: +1-785-706-3263
Fx: +1-785-532-6094

CELab People

Current Members

Dr. Krishna S.V. JagadishDr. Krishna Jagadish
Associate Professor
Dr. Raju BheemanahalliDr. Raju Bheemanahalli
Fellow (Post Doc)
Nathan HeinNathan Hein
Assistant Scientist
Impa M SomayandaDr. Impa Somayanda
Research Associate
Dr Jiangming Fu Dr. Jiangming Fu
Research Assistant Professor
Pavithra Pitumpe ArachchigeDr. Pavithra Pitumpe Arachchige
Fellow (Post Doc)
Dr. Shantha PeirisDr. Shantha Peiris
Fellow (Post Doc)
Dr. David SabelaDr. David Sabela
Fellow (Post Doc)
Dr. Amaranatha Reddy VennapusaDr. Amaranatha Reddy Vennapusa
Fellow (Post Doc)
Meghnath Pokharel Meghnath Pokharel
Graduate Student
Anuj ChiluwalAnuj Chiluwal
Graduate Student
Regina EnninfuRegina Enninful
Graduate Student
Naghmeh MoghimiNaghmeh Moghimi
Graduate Student
Troy OstmeyerTroy Ostmeyer
Graduate Student

Former Members

Blake Bergkamp

Blake Bergkamp
Graduate Student

Currently Sales Agronomist Great Plains Manufacturing Inc.


Visiting Scientists & Scholars

No Image AvailableDr. Halilou OumarouNo Image AvailableMr. Gautam Saripalli
No Image AvailableDr. Hanafey MaswadaNo Image AvailableDr. Aiqing Sun
No Image AvailableDr. Yasuhiro Usui